Patch209 Party

June 21, 2007

Be a part of The Patch209 Party!!!

Party=Clan Party= MORE FUN!!!!

The Patch209 Party is so much fun!! You can throw a party, or a service place (airplane, school) And anyone online who is party of the party will help you get a lot of penguins! Also, get tips on making your igloo cool and how to make it right, and some ideas for igloos!!! And, your fellow party penguins will help you get so popular! ~ They could crowd you and make you famous!!!!!!!

Joining is easy!

Just send a comment on this post, or email me at ! 🙂

It is a great way to get popular. All the penguins will love you! I need to make a few changes first, so sit tight and get ready to be famous!



If you like to hack

June 21, 2007

For Cptrainer, here are the codes:

1 Blue
2 Green
3 Pink
4 Black
5 Red
6 Orange
7 Yellow
8 Purple
9 Brown
10 Peach
11 Dark Green
12 Light Blue
101 Black Sunglasses
102 Night Vision
103 3D Glasses
104 Ninja Mask
106 Superhero Mask
107 Blue Sunglasses
108 Blue Sunglasses
109 Free Red Sunglasses
110 Red Sunglasses
131 Snorkle
133 Red Face Paint
134 Blue Face Paint
171 Hawaiian Lei
172 Scarf
173 Christmas Scarf
174 Boa
175 Pink Scarf
176 Black Tie
177 Striped Tie
181 Pearl Necklace
192 Bandana
193 Blue Lei
194 Whistle
201 Red Shirt
212 Grass Skirt
214 Bow Tie
215 Life Jacket
216 Free Bow Tie
217 Cowboy Vest
218 Quilted Vest
219 Blue Coat
220 Hockey Stick
221 Bunny Hug
222 Pink Hoodie
224 Purple Hoodie
233 Electric Guitar
234 Acoustic Guitar
235 Raincoat
236 Poncho
237 Red Suede Jacket
238 Pastal Suede Jacket
240 Pizza Apron
244 Ghost Costume
252 Pink Dress
253 Purple Dress
261 Black Suit
262 Coffee Apron
263 Pizza Apron
267 Red Shorts
269 Pink Swimsuit
270 Purple Bikini
272 Blue Shorts
273 Aqua Bikini
274 Duck Inflatable
275 Overalls
301 Superhero Cape
302 Blue Cape
323 Wrist Watch
325 Water Wings
327 Lasso
351 Leather Shoes
352 Black Sneakers
362 Scuba Flippers
363 Yellow Sandals
366 Bunny Slippers
368 Cowboy Boots
369 Ice Skates
401 Sombrero
402 Black Toque
403 Hard Hat
404 Cowboy Hat
405 Baseball Cap
406 Pink Ball Cap
407 Propellor Cap
408 Flower Hat
409 Graduation Cap
410 Small Crown
412 Tiara
413 Party Hat
414 Santa Hat
417 Brown Fedora
418 Pink Toque
419 Russian Hat
420 Black Toque
421 Pink Toque
422 Newspaper Hat
423 Top Hat
424 Chef Hat
425 Lucky Hat
427 Easter Bunny Hat
429 Miners Helmet
433 Black Cowboy Hat
434 Pink Cowgirl Hat
451 Roman Helmet
452 Viking Helmet
453 Football Helmet
456 Blue Viking Helmet
457 Divers Helmet
481 Headphones
484 Pink Ear Muffs
500 Canada
501 USA
502 Australia
503 United Kingdom
504 Belgium
505 Brazil
506 China
507 Denmark
508 Finland
509 France
510 Germany
511 Isreal
512 Japan
513 Korea
514 Neatherlands
515 Norway
516 Poland
517 Russia
518 Spain
519 Sweden
520 Switzerland
521 Turkey
522 Mexico
523 New Zealand
524 Ireland
525 Portugal
526 South Africa
527 India
528 Italy
529 Belize
530 Egypt
550 Shamrock
551 Music Note
552 Plant
553 Pizza Slice
554 Balloon
555 Mining Lantern
556 Beach Ball
557 Sun
558 Horse Shoe
559 Astro
800 Spy Phone
801 Medal
802 Letter from Aunt Arctic
901 Heart Background
902 Flower Background
903 Nightime Background
904 Clouds Background
905 Cut-out Background
906 Target Background
907 Camo Background
908 Lined Paper
909 Pink Hawaiian Background
910 Blue Hawaiian Background
911 Oasis Background
912 Beach Background
913 Western Sunset Background
914 Corral Background
915 Saloon Background
916 Stage Coach Background
917 Band Background
329 Pompom
435 Red Ball Cap
436 Blue Ball Cap
488 Hockey Helmet
461 Red Football Helmet
462 Blue Football Helmet
463 Head Band
254 Red Cheerleader
255 Blue Cheerleader
277 Red Jersey
278 Blue Jersey
560 Hockey
561 Soccer
918 Soccer Background
919 Hockey Background
920 Basketball Background
921 Gymnastic Background
But when you wear the clothes no-one else can see you wearing them.

The bad thing:you may get banned ~ thanks to 

~happy hacking ~ Pat

Special Dances

June 16, 2007

Coffee Apron : Your penguin will pour coffee and hold it.

Pizza Hat or Pizza Hat and Apron: Your penguin will flip pizza.

Hula Skirt and/or the Hawaiian Lei ir Blue Lei: Your penguin will do the hula dance.

Mining Helmet or the Hard Hat: Your penguin will use a jackhammer.

Clown Costume (wig, shoes, and shirt) : Your penguin will juggle

Matador Suit : Your penguin will use a red sheet and wave it.

Inflatable Duck and/or Water Wings: Your penguin will do a swim dance.

Any Instument: Your penguin will play it.

Propeller Cap (beanie): Your penguin will fly.

If you want a lot of money

June 15, 2007

Do you want a lot of money? But there is no way? No good at games? You don’t have to cheat! Just use this!

Cart Surfer gets boring after awhile, but it is a good way to get coins.

Just use these 2 controls to do it. For 80 points, do spacebar and the three bottom arrow keys (Well that way is easiest for me) at the same time. You should do a 360 turn.

For 100 points, do down arrow (middle bottom) THEN RIGHT AFTER ( not at the same time) do spacebar. You should to a flip.

These two should be done over and over, one after the other, because if you just do one, on the second time you do it, it will split the score in half (example: 1st: 100 2nd: 50)

Also, you have to crash three times throughout the game. You should end up at about 300- 500 coins.

The Pizza Game

June 15, 2007

In the Pizza Game, you can get many coins. About 300-500 also. You just try to not make a mistake and this. When you are on the screen that says “PLAY” and “INSTRUCTIONS”, on the lever thing with two little pictures on it, click the red lever that you see on the left. I will go to the right. It is candy pizzas. It may look a little gross, but the normal gives you 5 coins and a tip, and the candy gives you 10 coins and a tip. It’s not much but at least it’s something.

How to get 50 extra coins in the fish game

June 15, 2007

If you don’t know than here it is.

In the ice fishing game, you can catch the big fish and get 50 extra coins.  Just feed it a fish. You keep the small fish until it comes. Then it eats it then you get the 50 extra coins

Hello world!

June 14, 2007

Hey people!!! It’s Patch209 here. Uh, well. Um.. Yea I’m kind of new to this so hey!!! I will be posting tips and tricks on Club Penguin. And where special items are. And maybe, if I can get it on here, my Club Penguin newspapers. If I can, I will first post my early ones. (around Christmas)